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Power demand is increasing
beyond current limits, it’s time to
think of evolution


There is an increasing need for mobile transformers due to climate change and aging infrastructure. From the logistics perspective the size of the transformer is one of the most important factors translating directly to the cost of making and operating the transformer.

NUCAP’s surface modification provides the best results when it comes to heat transfer efficiency improvement for systems using viscous liquids, like oil used in 'transformers’ cooling circuits. Modification of the cooling elements' internal surface allows for savings of up to 40% of the size of the cooling elements.

  • Transformers

    40% smaller footprint
    of transformer’s cooling system
  • Operating Costs

    Reduced area required
    for installation of transformer, easier and cheaper logistics for mobile transformers
  • Conservation

    Less material required
    to build and operate transformer

Smaller transformers save space,
materials and logistic costs

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Fighting Pandemics (Current and Future Ones) by Retrofitting our Buildings with High Efficiency Ventilation Systems and Hydronic Heating

Properly built air-flow systems for public buildings (offices, schools) and private dwellings are a low-tech approach to fight the current and future pandemics. These systems should prevent cluster infections to allow people to safely work and learn in large groups in one room.

Currently most of the buildings in North America use hot air to heat the interior. All toxins, bacteria and viruses are just being spread by the hot air circulating inside the buildings. Hydronic heating in tandem with proper ventilation and heat recovery systems are positioned for the future vast market demand for retrofits.

GRIPMetal allows for a substantial improvement of efficiency of all these systems: radiant heating, ventilation, and heat recovery.

Rotary Exchanger
  • For Radiant
    Heating and Cooling:
    Low thickness modular
    heating and cooling panels
    that simplify installation.
  • For Ventilation
    with Heat Recovery:
    flat plate crossflow heat exchangers (for small
    systems) and large rotary heat exchangers for
    large venues (like schools, hospitals, and theaters).

NUCAP Energy isn’t the only NUCAP family of companies fighting COVID-19. With their own individual efforts, other NUCAP divisions are doing their part to fight this pandemic.


Our Spidertech division has found a way to use its Kinesiology tape technology to create wearable face masks that are safe and easy to use. Because these masks are strapless they never fall or get out of place. See more at:


Our GRIPBlock division has developed a LEGO like building technology that’s helping our restaurants and schools stay safe. With social distancing shelters and walls. Just another way NUCAP technology making our public spaces safe again. See more at: